Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cause Marketing Readings of the Week - September 5

Here’s the best of the best of cause marketing information from the last week:

What is the “Killer Cause” for Workplace Giving Programs?
A lot of times companies ask: what is the “killer cause” that will make my workplace giving program sing? The answer? It’s not some magical charity that cuts across every demographic; it’s much simpler than that. The killer cause is the charities (small or large, local or national) that matters most to the relevant individual – in this case the cause or causes that matters to each employee. And the element of choice is not only key for users; employers want flexibility as well. Companies are interested in delivering workplace giving programs that enable them to promote and encourage giving to their strategic corporate causes and, at the same time, to give their employees more choices about which causes, where and how to give. http://bit.ly/onr7qa
Cause Marketing Does Affect Brand Purchase
Causemedia Group’s Chris Noble discusses the positive impact of social media in the cause marketing world (video), and the past year's developments, since retweeting and liking became seen as significant social actions. There's now measurable evidence that a brand’s philanthropic activities can influence shopper behavior and ultimately purchase decisions, and that gender nuance is a factor. The Integer Group queried 1,200 Americans about factors influencing brand preference when choosing between two companies with both benefiting a cause, and selling a product similar in price and quality. The top answer for both men and women was "personal relevance of cause" (70%). http://bit.ly/nWELEg

Subaru Brings the "Power of Love" to the People
Subaru is offering the Facebook community an exclusive opportunity to select one of the charities to be a partner in this year's fourth annual Subaru Share the Love cause marketing event. Subaru has donated almost $15 million to Share the Love charities and hopes to donate an additional $5 million this year. The Share The Love event donates $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased from Nov. 19 through Jan. 3. The Facebook voting program allows consumers to vote for a charity that will be designated "People's Choice." Online voting will be available only to Subaru's Facebook community. The eligible charities are … http://bit.ly/rolTBg

Can Small Non-profits Succeed with Cause Marketing?
We recently reviewed a new book – Cause Marketing for Dummies – written by Joe Waters and Joanna MacDonald. It’s a great book, offering “316 pages of lessons, advice, inspiration and examples that will guide your cause marketing success.” Look for contacts, people that know of your mission, but are not yet supporters. My last job was at a hospital and our contacts were vendors. Many of them weren't supporters, but they were aware of us and open to the suggestion of working together. Avoid cold calling as much as possible. Stick with warm leads - of any temperature. http://bit.ly/r97gOk


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